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Welcome to My Website, This is Ismail Hossain

I am really happy for that I have created my website. 

I'm From Lalmonirhat, I live in the Capital city Dhaka, it's very near to my current office location.
I am working now in Lantabur Apprals ltd.

I have completed my MBA in Apparel Merchandising & Fashion Management.
Also completed my Graduations in Textile Engineering.

My job Career:
  Science 2011 I started my Frist job from Epyllion Style Ltd. As an Executive-IE,

I later worked at NAZ Group as a manager at IE-Planning & Production. & Esquire knit Composite Ltd as a Manager IE.
Than current on Lanthbur Apprels Ltd. as a Manager Industrial Engineer.

During these 11 years then-er I have more number of achievements.  


Online platform.  

I have one e-commerce website you can visit my site

I have some YouTube channel Which is bellow

- MNO TIPS    

Now I working on an online platform, YouTube, Facebook, Fiveer, & Blogging.    

Thank you,

Ismail Hossain             

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